Hospital trains reporter in preventing suicides like her cousin’s

When I was 16 years old, my only cousin shot himself. Years later, I was working in a community with one of the highest suicide rates in Massachusetts and took a class in preventing suicide. This is that story. Written March 2015 for The Gardner News.

The Last Dive

For seven years, Venture Crew was my second family. Then I hit the age limit. My last trip was scuba diving in the Florida Keys, a trip of a lifetime. Written in August 2012 for the Wilbraham Hampden Times.

Caving Away a Sunday Afternoon

Against my better judgement, I ended up spending a Sunday afternoon army crawling through narrow passages 100 feet underground. Written in October 2012 for the Daily Collegian.

Save the Baby Animals

After finding a mouse nest in my grill, I became curious about what happens to abandoned baby animals. Come with me on my trip to the rehabilitation center. Written in July 2012 for the Wilbraham Hampden Times.

When the Band Comes Marching In

You always read about how great the band looked in the Memorial Day Parade. Well, here’s what it feels like to be in that dashing uniform. Written in May 2012 for the Wilbraham Hampden Times.


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