Mansion to become spooky B&B

This story ran in the July 24, 2015 edition of the Gardner News. 


The ghostly tenants of the S. K. Pierce Victorian mansion have a new landlord.

New Jersey-based company “Dark Carnival” announced Thursday it bought the South Gardner landmark, with plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast 11 months of the year and a seasonal haunted house in October.

“For all of those who love this home and appreciate the rich history associated with it, we want to let you know that our main goal is to restore and preserve the beauty, history and originality of this home,” the company posted on Facebook. “No changes will be made to the structure.”

Hoping to open the home in October 2016, Dark Carnival plans to start immediately with renovations.

“We hope to make everyone in Gardner proud of this place again,” a representative said.

The first step will reportedly be renovating the deteriorating soffits. Next up will be the trim, a power washing and repainting the exterior.

On the inside, company representatives said they to keep the updates minimal. While there will be some repairs to plaster and such, they claimed on Facebook to want to keep as much of the original woodworking and furniture as possible.

“The attraction we will offer here will be a very special “altered illusion” attraction that accents the history of this home and its ghostly inhabitants,” Dark Carnival wrote. “One thing for sure, it will be one of the most terrifying attractions on the East Coast.”

Established in 2010, Dark Carnival offers a circus-themed attraction in New Jersey focusing on “the terrifying world of clowns and freaks.”


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